UpCycle Vintage: the most stylish way to recycle

“Vintage [clothing] is not only glorious and stylish, it’s also the way forward in terms of recycling. Whenever I go into great vintage stores, I wonder why we ever buy new things.”

—British actress, Thandie Newton

UpCycle Vintage carries classic fashion primarily from the 1950s and 1960s.  The large majority of their pieces are in pristine condition – some are even museum quality, having come straight from famous closets.  Primarily, UpCycle carries evening wear, and their clothes range in price depending upon provenance.  UpCycle does little work on the pieces upfront, allowing customers to specify what and how they want the piece reworked for their specifics needs and wants or clothes can be purchased straight off the rack.

At times people are hesitant to purchase vintage pieces, fearing out-dated designs, damage and stains or a poor fit.  But, UpCycle Vintage has a solution.  UpCycle has a workroom in-house with a professional seamstress on staff who can tailor pieces to custom fit the purchaser.  If you fall in love with a piece, UpCycle can make it yours (and yours alone).  That said, UpCycle not only reworks their pieces to best fit their customers, they can also tailor fashions you currently own to update their look or achieve a better fit.

UpCycle’s exceptional selection of mid 20th century vintage epitomizes the feminine ideal envisioned in the glamour of mid-century.  With a keen eye for quality, UpCycle chooses fashions that combine the best of the old with the new.  They seek well-made, form-flattering styles in luxurious fabrics that offer a one-of-a-kind appeal.  There is truly no more beautiful way to recycle!

Visit UpCycle Vintage’s etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/nelsonbridge?ref=top_trailor or stop by their store front at 29 Race Street, Frenchtown, NJ, open Friday through Sunday 12 to 5 or by appointment.

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